Rum & Raisin Cruffins


Growing up in a country that faces so much poverty, my mother would tell me that I couldn’t leave the table without finishing every morsel of food on my plate. She would narrate that story I’m sure most of you’ll have heard of how some children don’t even get one proper meal a day. So as the years have gone by, it only makes me feel terrible when I see so much food wastage in this industry.

Currently studying at one of the world’s most prestigious culinary institutions- Le Cordon Bleu, it truly breaks my heart when I hear the chef say- “If you’re not taking home what you’ve made today, into the bin it goes!!”

And I’ve been told that you’re not supposed to find the homeless people around here either because apparently if they fall ill, they can sue you so that makes me feel even worse.

Ingredients that come from France and Switzerland, that I have always dreamed of using and now they have no value in the kitchens here. Well, I think I can only put on a brave face and accept reality although I’m hoping my small contributions, like these Rum & Raisins Cruffins I’ve baked here with the leftover croissant dough from school, could make a difference.

Cruffins seem to be the rage these days. Almost every bakery in Melbourne have it on their menu. Lune Croissanterie happens to have the best ones in town. (I still have to make my way there)

They’re basically laminated dough in muffin cups. Buttery, flavourful and something you definitely can’t get enough of.

I experimented with the escargot recipe we did in school. The almond cream was simply divine and the touch of rum just made it all the more better. If you’re a non-alcoholic, you can do away with it. Just add the raisins only.

I’ll share the croissant recipe I tried out recently and turned out quite well. It’s from the Taste Of Home website. Very easy to follow. Check it out here

The one I learned at LCB is a bit complicated and technical so I think starting off with this would be great. Just make sure even with this recipe you get the right finished dough temperature. You don’t even have to make it. If you know of a bakery that has excess leftover dough, grab it and you know what to do.

After all, it’s the best way to stop food wastage right? Won’t you agree with me?

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Rum & Raisin Cruffins
When the croissant meets muffin, it’s a beautiful sight indeed!
Course dessert
Cuisine french
Course dessert
Cuisine french
  1. Using a stand mixer, cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
  2. Add in the egg and vanilla. Continue to whisk.
  3. Fold in the sifted flour and almond meal.
  4. Mix in the rum and keep aside.
  5. Roll out the laminated dough to about 6mm in thickness.
  6. Spread the almond mixture evenly.
  7. Distribute the raisins equally.
  8. Roll the dough and cut of the sides. Cut each piece about 3 cm and place in the muffin mounds.
  9. Let them prove for about 2 hrs or so. Keep checking. They should be a little less than double in size. Bake for about 40 mins or until golden brown.
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