Salad Lovers!

The minute I heard about this place, I had been dying to go there but just did not get the time. So finally when I did get the chance, I was excited.

It was really nice to know that they cared about the fitness freaks like me and this would be a favourite place of any salad lover!

I loved how they try to fit in both, two every factors to me: yummy and healthy food.

It’s a cute hole in the wall in the suburb of Bandra, easy to fall in love with but too cramped up. That was one of the things that put me off even before the food came in front of me.

What I was really impressed about was the young lady behind this, Karishma Dalal, always on her feet and very approachable.

There was nothing much to talk about the décor. The walls had nothing unusual about them and the tables and chairs gave a comfortable feel but the place was too small. You cannot even think of going with more than two people. There were three of us and it was suffocating. So I suggest it’s the best place to go solo.

Coming to the most important part of this whole experience- the Food.

At least that seemed to make us forget about everything else.

Their menu consisted of a whole range of dishes but felt like eating only salads since that’s what I came there for.

They also have a salad bar where they let you make your own salad. The combinations are very innovative and fresh.

You can choose your base which is either roquette, mix lettuce, kale, spinach, couscous, barley, pasta brown rice or croutons

The next is the Veggies basic which is cherry tomatoes, French beans, fava beans, broccoli or sprouts and veggies premium which are grilled zucchini, paneer tikka and spiced potatoes.

There is a whole range of cheese to choose from such as gouda, feta, ricotta and chevre

For the meat junkies they have:

Meat basics to choose from such as tuna, eggs or chicken tikka and

Meat premiums which are bacon, goan pork sausages, shredded beef or chicken teriyaki

And the dressings to go with them include Dijon thyme vinaigrette, tahini yogurt dressing or honey mustard

But since we were all going there for the first time, we decided to go with the salads in the menu

So here it is:

Grilled Chicken And Couscous

The reason I wanted to try this is because lately I’ve been a huge fan of couscous. And what a better way to have it than in a salad.

Along with the grilled chicken and couscous, it had kale, mixed lettuce, orange, carrot, beetroot, mint- parsley almonds tossed in a beautiful orange carrot vinaigrette

It was simple and rustic but yet the flavours were strongly brought out.

The Mexican

What’s there not to like about Mexican? You want an explosion of flavours in your mouth? Then that’s what you’ll get

It’s got roquette as the base and then some mix lettuce, prawns, cherry tomato, cucumber, jalapeno, sweet corn, popcorn, paprika and avocado tossed in a lemon mint vinaigrette

Absolutely delightful!

The Goan

The minute I saw this on the menu I knew I was having this. I have this strong bond with Goan cuisine since god knows when and so you’ll laugh, but it’s such a perfect combination of elements in the bowl.

It had mixed lettuce, fava bean, goan pork chorizo, grilled zucchini, peppers, tomato, bocconcini in a rosemary balsamic vinaigrette

The dressing had a right balance of flavours and was chilled so refreshing!

After some great salads, sadly I had to look at all the “nah” factors and that was the service. They took almost an hour to get our salads in spite of continuously asking them. That’s something they really have to work on.

The prices on the menu are not too bad at all as they use the best of ingredients. They also take a lot of trouble while setting their menu like they have a “Chef’s Favourite” for people who find it hard to decide what they want to order. Its always crowded so you know that the foodmust be good but can get very annoying.

On the whole, I feel it’s quite overrated. Didn’t much fancy my tastes or may be my expectations were a bit too high.

It’s always crowded so you know that the food must be good but that can get very annoying at the same time. But then again, where else will you find a place exclusive only for salads?

If you’ve had too much too eat during the week and feel the need to unjunk then this may be the place to be at!

My ratings:

Food: 4

Ambience: 3

Service: 1

Value For Money: 3


Rita Apartment, 16th Road, Opp Syndicate Bank, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Contact Number: 022 2600 0270

You can also check out their Facebook page: bombaysalad and Twitter and Instagram handles: @bombaysalad for more

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