Say Cheeeeze to Pizza Express’s Summer Specials Menu

My earliest food memory that I can clearly recall would be sitting at the table irritable and ravenous, waiting for Mama to put down that thin large, circular piece of dough that has been spread with a beautiful tomato based sauce along with bits of sausages, bacon, salami, chicken, mushrooms, babycorn, jalepenos and olives thrown on it, oozing with lots and lots of cheese in every bite just to satisfy my hungry soul.

Pizza and I have had this on-going relationship since god knows when. It’s something that is very hard to resist however much you try to stay away from it. While some call it junk, I call it good junk. The reason being that it’s simple, comforting and homely!

And that’s when I have to thank god for places like Pizza Express especially when I’m so far away from home.

Been around for almost three years now, this classy place still seems to win the hearts of many.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t around in Mumbai all Summer so when I came back a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to still catch the Summer Specials Menu at Pizza Express.

The menu basically consists of a fresh take on all old favourites. It offers a wide range of smoothies, mocktails and cocktails made from some gorgeous fruits and vegetables and some really talented, mouth-watering dishes that will leave you wanting for more. I was quite intrigued by the whole fusion of flavours they incorporated in their new menu and this is when I feel Bangalore really needs places like these now.

Started off the evening with two drinks to beat the scorching heat.

Ginger Fresco

I’m not much of a ginger fan but I didn’t regret ordering it because I actually enjoyed it. It was a mixture of fresh ginger, mint, green lime and ginger ale. Very refreshing indeed! Those bursts of ginger were superb but only if a little white rum was added to it, I would have been in bliss!

The Mango Berry Smoothie

This was truly my kind of drink and perfect for this season. I only wait for the Summer so that I can indulge in mangoes. There’s something so special about this fruit. This drink consisted of mango, strawberries, raspberry puree and yogurt. I absolutely loved the combination of flavours in my mouth.  A meal in itself!

Pollo Pesto Corriander:

None can complain about the crusts of their pizzas that are so carefully handmade with love. Every pizza aficionado ought to go wild with this one. Thin, crisp and so beautifully presented, I thought it was a brilliant idea..

An Indian twist to the traditional pesto sauce. Very smart indeed!

It had creamy chicken tikka, mozzarella , onion rings, green chilli, olive oil, finished with a drizzle of coriander pesto. Honestly, I was a bit hesitant in the beginning but one bite into it and I couldn’t stop eating. The flavours were spot on!

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Everyone knows what an ‘Aglio e Olio is. It’s the basics of Italian Cuisine but what one doesn’t know is that Pizza Express makes it extra special with the touches of their fresh, beautiful ingredients.

Spaghetti tossed up with crispy garlic flakes, chilli flakes, parsley and olive oil. Very simple and light yet still stands out!

Apart from the specials, I could never leave without having these essential dishes on the menu…

Dough Balls Doppio

Pizza Express is known for their famous dough balls that are sold like hot cakes. They are soft in texture and are served with three different kinds of dips namely pesto, pesto rosso and garlic butter. Each of these dips has their own distinctive flavour. It is most often seen to be more of a favourite among the kids but don’t get fooled because you can fall in love with these at any age.

Rosemary Pizza Bread

A large, thin pizza base with rosemary, garlic, chilli flakes and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. I love how light it is and it’s got some great, subtle flavours going on there.

Watermelon and Goat’s Cheese Salad

This is relatively new on the menu. It’s got watermelon, goats cheese, black olives, rocket, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, and their special house dressing. I can live on salads day in, day out. This one was really fresh and healthy!

To end all things sweet, life can only get sweeter and I mean it when I say this.

The Cheesecake

You cannot come to Pizza Express and not have this heavenly dessert. At least that’s what I was told. It is a homemade baked vanilla cheesecake served with ice cream and was outstanding.  Now I get why it’s their signature dessert.

With that said, another great culinary experience accomplished. This is one place I can keep coming back to and never get fed up of.

It’s a great place to try out all through the year.

The Summer Special Menu is on till September.

You can follow them on Facebook: Pizza Express India

Twitter and Instagram: PizzaExpressIN

(The author dined anonymously and paid for her own meal)

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