Summer lunching!

The sun shines brightly while there are great bursts of leaves growing on trees. This reminds me of only one thing. My favourite season.

Summer has finally arrived!!!

It was a pleasantly hot afternoon and I was excited as I came back to my home town after almost 3 months. There’s something about this place that makes me one happy gastronome. So this was definitely a call for good food!

Upon entering the doors of the Ritz Carlton, one of the newest 5 star hotels in this high tech city, it made me forget about the fast paced, noisy city life. Located in the heart of the city, it offers Bangaloreans some of the best fine dining restaurants.

You will not settle for anything less and that explains my presence at the Market.

It is not very advisable if you are on a diet as it is meant to indulge.It is the best option when you cant decide what to eat and how much to eat. It allows you to explore the variety of world gastronomy offering cuisines from the culinary traditions of Europe, East Asia and India.

It is an all day dining restaurant appointed with a chef’s table, a lounge, an interactive sushi bar, a wine library and two private dining rooms. It is best known for its sensational buffets and Sunday brunches.I did not go for the usual Sunday brunch so thankfully it wasn’t overcrowded.

The peaceful afternoon, along with the gracefulness of the Ritz and the delightful ambience makes time stand still and truly reminds one of an era gone by.

It is that place where you will find tables bearing families, corporate diners and a couple or two.

I had my fellow blogger friend Mudra Keswani (@thesuperchatori) join me for this most amazing experience.

An open kitchen, live counters a dessert studio. I knew what I was in for. There was soft music in the background which added to the wonderful atmosphere.

The ambience of this place was so inviting and comforting coupled with some great hospitality.

The décor was phenomenal with superb lighting. The glittering and shimmering chandeliers adds to the top class standards this restaurant offers.

The staff were so pleasant, polite and courteous. They make you feel at home.

Coming to the most important part of this entire culinary experience which left me speechless.

They have a huge impressive spread from fresh and local salads to rich, thick soups to beautiful cold cuts to the most delicate cheeses to freshly baked breads. There was also a counter filled with Indian street food and something for the Thai food lovers.Lastly to satisfy the Indian soul, there were delicious appetizers and gravies.

It was pretty exhaustive. And if you feel the spread is vast and varied, then the desert studio won’t fail to disappoint you.

It has some of the most exotic delicacies one could imagine. My friend was a vegetarian so I was on my own.

I started off with some of their freshly baked bread from the wide range of international breads they offered. Just one bite into it and I knew it was made using the highest quality ingredients.

I walked away from the soups and thai food as I was only there for an European affair.

Next I turned my attention to the cold cuts as I was craving some great quality meats. There was Chicken Lyoner, Chorizo, Mortadella and Salami which were absolutely spectacular. They all went so well with the cheddar cheese.

After the first course, I just couldn’t resist the Street Food so I went straight over to the counter to attack the Papdi chaat. This was a bit of a disappointment for me. I was expecting a lot more from it. It was dry and did not have that punch of Indian flavours you would normally get on the street.

The tawa hot rotis and aromatic curries didn’t seem to conjure my taste buds so I went straight over to the European spread.

The roasted beef was succulent. It brilliantly rendered its flavours and was a big winner for me.

Unfortunately the fish was not to my liking. It was lacking strong flavours and too bland for my palate.

After this, I walked over to the live pasta counter and asked for a plate of Chicken Penne in White sauce.

The penne was cooked al dente and it blended really well with the chicken and sauce. It brought out a definitive taste and aroma and was perfection. It was a dish I quite enjoyed!

We were then joined by the executive chef, Anupam Bannerjee who was such a gentleman. He made sure that we enjoyed the whole experience and played an amazing host.

Finally in grand finale to a decadent meal was the dessert studio. Whenever I’m at a buffet, I always first go and have a look at the desserts and accordingly try not to eat too much of the rest of the menu.

Looking at the eclectic collection of desserts, could not stop the child in me. My eyes were filled with happiness and I was in food heaven indeed! There is something for every dessert junkie like me.

I’m a crazy chocoholic. So it was all things chocolate first and I could not wait to grab the Chocolate Mud Pie onto my plate. It was everything I imagined it to be. The soft texture of the cake and the rich gooey chocolate. Oh it really made my day!

I tried the Chocolate Mouse cake next which was again another happy moment for me. The good part was that this was on the lighter side so it made it easier for me to finish it too.

The Raspberry cheese cake was a good option as it had the right amount of raspberries not making it too sour and it had a good taste in my mouth.

The Coffee Macaroon looked appealing but did not live up to that at all. I’ve had better ones!

The Papaya Panna Cotta also really broke my heart as I’m such a huge fan of it. I was so excited to see it on the counter but it did not have the right consistency and felt very funny in my mouth.

The Market. It has such a simple, rustic name yet serves food with such elegance and excellence. It is definitely one place that I can keep going back to.

I was mesmerized by the whole experience and would highly recommend it!

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