The Burger Raja

Finally the King has arrived here…

And it was indeed a royal, grand opening

People started standing in lines from ten in the morning and they seemed to only get longer as the day went by.

I reached at around five in the evening and the crowds were ridiculous so decided to hop into Forever 21, do a little shopping and then head back after a while.

When I went back at around 6 30 pm, I felt I could at least breathe. Managed to get our food after standing for about 15-20 minutes in the line.

The whole atmosphere was brilliant!

There were paper crowns distributed and pictures could be clicked on the Royal Chair.

The excitement on the other side of the counters was also mad.


Those were the words that the food servers were screaming out loud.

It’s still ringing in my head!

The menu is quite appealing and interesting for all you hungry souls out there!

The only disappointing part was that a hard core meat eater like me was looking forward to a Scrumptious Beef or HamBurger.

But then I have to keep reminding myself that I live in India and apparently it hurts the religious sentiments of this country.

So anyways, we ordered a Chicken Whopper Combo, A Mutton Whopper, A Veg Chilli Cheese Burger Combo( for my staunch veggie friend) and 180 Degrees.

The Chicken Whopper was simply delightful. One bite into it, and I was one happy foodie.

The patty was grilled and not deep fried something for all you health freaks to take back.

The flavours were epic. It was really amazing. For a minute, I actually forgot that it was only chicken!

The BK Fries were the highlight of my whole experience. I cannot compare them to McD’s or KFC any day!

I hadn’t eaten such great ones in a really long time so I was in paradise.

They were crisp, not so oily and fried to perfection. Well salted and had such a great color.

I adored it to death!

The Mutton Whopper was quite similar to the Chicken but I liked it a little better. Although, a lot of my fellow food bloggers do not seem to agree with me on that.

I guess the flavour made the difference.

To end this Royal day…

180 Degrees did the trick!

There was nothing really unique about it as it tasted somewhat like the Mc Flurry at Mc Donald’s but I loved the whole concept of it.

It’s served upside down and gives you the chance to eat it which way you want too.

What a fun day! Enjoyed every bit of it.

Would I go back to Burger King anytime soon???


At least for the fries šŸ˜€

Burger King

Oberoi Mall

Film City Road

Goregaon East


Opened from 10 am to 10 pm

Go go go

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