The Night Market Festival+Root to Fruit Menu at The Fatty Bao

2016 has almost come to an end. It’s been quite an eventful year in terms of what the restaurant scene has offered and the Fatty Bao has been one such restaurant that has always made me come back for more.

This time they have raised the bars in style and take you to Asia, letting you get the whole feeling of what a night market is all about there.

Lit up with fairy lights and acoustic music played in the background, the year-end, big, bang festival inspired by the diverse street food grills and night market delicacies from across East Asia is here to leave you spell-bound!!

Chef Prashant has cooked up a storm of fascinating street food grills and delicacies to get your taste buds alive.

But before digging into the dishes, there’s a great line-up of drinks to pair with, part of the Root to Fruit Menu.

The menu takes the concept of garden to glass where the bartenders stir up a selection of inventive cocktails using different parts of the plant to bring some cheer as the season ends.

The sweetness, acidity and distinctive aroma of each part of the plant brings out the flavour of the spirit used – thus creating selection of cocktails that is refreshing and buzzing with its own unique identity. It’s nothing like your usual boring drinks as this menu creates a distinctive edge with crackling sesame seed, crunchy popcorn, fresh basil leaves or the sharpness of ginger, that will definitely appeal to the adventurous and evolved drinker, whether you like them shaken or stirred.

Started off with the Wow Ming and the ‘wow’ factor of this drink really stood out. The flavours of grapefruit and thyme blended so well. Perfect for those who want to go slow on the alcohol.

Next the ruby coloured, Forbidden Fruit takes the center stage. Rich in it’s looks and taste, you don’t want to miss out on it. The plum is first pureed and then mixed with grapefruit-ginger syrup and tequila making it the beauty it is.

Another drink on your list has got to be the K-Pop bringing in popcorn infused whiskey and a dash of wasabi syrup served on the rock with earl grey bitters. The crunchiness of the popcorn in every sip, lets you relive all your childhood days.

If you’re the kind who likes it rustic, then BigBamBoom is your thing. It uses chamomile gin and wasabi syrup topped with soda and served in a bamboo glass for that extra flavour.

Not just one but quite a few drinks down and it was time to attack the food. The spread at the Night Market had something for all. Nobody feels left out. But like I’ve said this before in my previous posts, SUSHI CAN NEVER BE MY BEST FRIEND.

I’ve tried it on several occasions and just unable to stomach it. And even at the tasting session here, I overlooked it. But my blogger friends claimed it to be one of the best offerings of the night.

If meat doesn’t catch your fancy, then there’s the Vegetarian Temari Sushi – a thread ball shaped sushi with seasonal vegetables while for the others, Tuna Oshizushi – pressed Sushi with soy caviar.

Too much sushi? Wait… there’s more to dig into from the grilled specials: Grilled Quail Eggs with sambal oelek, Fire Cracker Chicken Wings stuffed with basil jasmine rice, Hashimaki– Japanese omelette on chopstick with shredded cabbage and bacon, Fried Stinky Tofu with scallion & chilli sauce, Mu Ping– Thai grilled marinated pork tenderloin served with papaya salad and more.

The Fire Cracker Chicken Wings and Mu Ping had to be my favourite from the lot. Well marinated saucy wings, fried to perfection and stuffed with that jasmine rice. It was a cracker of flavours in my mouth. Totally messy to eat but that’s the way to go!

The Mu Ping was chunks of pork tenderloin grilled beautifully with a strong peppery flavour. I’m usually so particular with the way pork is cooked and this was just right.

On the other hand, some dishes that really didn’t stand out for me would be the Fried Stinky Tofu that failed to bring out the flavours of the dish and the Hashimaki which was was tasting quite funny in my mouth but that maybe because with all the clicking of pictures, I ended up eating it cold.

The popular Kushikatsu Seafood Platter also can be found on the menu. A great selection of bite-sized pieces of fish, prawn, squid and oysters, deep-fried and served with a delicious sweet-chilli sauce. Crunchy, flavourful and perfect on a sunny afternoon.

After a great feed of grills and the platter, one cannot refuse the sinful, enticing desserts on offer. The Tokyo Banana is a treat for all banana lovers. An airy sponge cake taking the form of a banana containing Banana Custard inside and served with creamy scoop of caramelized banana ice cream. The Filipino Lokot Lokot is another stellar creation. Crispy rice net filled with silky jaggery custard served with a subtle lemon ice cream. Flavours on the plate go bang!

From stripping down the stems and popping open the pods, muddling leaves, seeds, fruits and spirits to feasting on delicious Asian street food, head over to the Fatty Bao to enjoy all this and more.

The festival is on till the 1st of January, 2017.

Meal for two without alcohol, excluding taxes Rs. 1, 600 ++

Meal for two including alcohol, excluding taxes Rs. 2,500++

(This post is sponsored. The author was invited to review the festival. However, the views of the author remain unbiased and are solely her own.)

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