The Pantry Masterclass

However good you may feel you are in the kitchen, I believe learning never stops and there is always something you can either get inspired by or improvise with your own skills.

That explains my attendance at The Pantry masterclass ‘Pie’s and Tarts’ as part of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2015.

It began with Chef Jay introducing himself and to make us all feel comfortable there was a tray of pomegranate juice being passed around.

After spending two hours prior at the festival in the hot sun, it really felt great. It was refreshing and helped us all gear up for the class.

The menu for the evening was then unveiled:

Kale leaf and Artichoke Pie

Chicken Roasted Tomato Pie

Banoffee pie

They also provided us with recipe booklets so we could try them out back home and there was space to make our little notes.

He first told us how he had made pastry as he couldn’t make one for us on the spot there and then got down to making the first dish of the evening which was The Kale and Artichoke pie.

I was really fascinated with the combination of both these beautiful vegetables. He was very patient and as there were many vegans around he gave them a lot of substitutes such as using soy milk instead of egg wash.

Then he moved on to the next which I was more interested in:Chicken and Roasted Tomato Pie

This was an even more fun session as people were giving in their own tips and the chicken filling looked so good.

Once, he was done making them he put them in to bake and got down to the last and final dish which was the Banoffee tart

He had told us how to make the tarts from scratch but also told us where they are available if we are too lazy to make them.

The toffee sauce was also pre-made and then he added the chopped bananas, whipped cream and put them to bake too.

What I really liked was how the audience interacted with each other and gave in their own inputs

The best part was when it ended with all of us being able to sample all the yummy treats.

I honestly preferred the chicken roasted pie to the The Kale Leaf and Artichoke Pie because for my immense love for meat but I loved the puff pastry of both. It was so flaky and brilliantly done. I don’t think I can ever get it this good.

On the whole, it was a fabulous event. I loved to see how he stressed on using organic ingredients.

It requires a lot of talent and precision but with practice I’m sure we can all do justice to this.

I was so excited to get a picture with the masterchef at the end of the session too 🙂

It was such a  great initiative taken by the café to organize something like this which would build the food community and also something for everyone to take back with them.

I enjoyed the whole experience!

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