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I really don’t get how macarons have become such a fad these days taking over the whole cupcake era. They may look all pretty, delicate and dainty but it just doesn’t seem to catch my fancy anymore.

If you’re here for the first time you would think that they will only serve you macarons. But don’t be fooled, It’s not only about macarons. They have some of the best, hard to resist desserts in town and my sweet tooth was satisfied after my trip to The Winking Macaron a week ago.

A quaint little café lost in the crowds of Mosque road which may be hard for people to find who are not familiar with this side of town but totally worth the search.

It’s run by a couple who are sure to take you through one of the most sweetest journeys ever!

I loved the whole decor. The place is vibrant and inviting that really makes you feel at home. They have bean bags thrown on one side and tables to sit at on the other side. The whole place gives such a good vibe which also happens to be very friendly.

This patisserie allows you experiment with your taste buds and they are open to customer feedback and try to improvise based on that which I found really nice. They do not have a fixed menu which is a really smart move as you know you are getting fresh food and more variety on a daily basis.

They have a whole range of freshly baked breads, biscottis which Ive tried before and they are absolutely delightful but this time I had only come to indulge in all things sweet.

They also serve some of the best breakfasts in town!

The desserts are well presented so even if you make a fuss about how many calories you’re going to put on, you will fall for them!

So are you ready to join me on this heart attack journey of mine? Please just don’t kill me on the way!!!

Mississippi Mud pie

It is every chocolate lover’s delight! You are sure to get a high with this one. The gooeyness of the chocolate over that chocolate crust went really well together. Each mouth of it was amazing. It definitely calls all chocoholics!

The lemon tart

It is a classic one which is not too sweet which is a good thing when you’re having an overdose of sugar with the all the other desserts. What I really liked about this dessert was the lovely flakiness of the tart. It just crumbled into my hand.

The Alphonso Mango tart

This is their special dessert for the season and they had only limited portions for the day. I was one of the lucky ones to have access to them.

It is truly the perfect Summer dessert. It had pieces of mango and was indeed delicious. Beautiful flavours!


As it is fondly known as Kristina, it was definitely my favourite dessert! The crunchiness of the walnuts with the richness of the butter, cream, milk and honey makes it such an outstanding pastry. It is very filling and you can’t have more than one at a time. I was more curious to know what was behind the name and the owner, Tanmoy Savardekar who previously worked as a pastry chef at Olive Beach managed to give me all the answers. He said that it was named after a lady who was a regular that the restaurant he worked at before. She would come almost three days a week to buy it off the menu so after seeing her passion for the pastry which was called walnut fudge then, they decided to name it after her.

This is a must try!

The prices are a bit steep for a college student on a fixed budget but still it’s worth every penny. The sad news I heard was that they will only be around till the end of this month.

So if you want to get that sugar rush, then I suggest you head there as fast as you can!

(The author dined anonymously and paid for her own meal)


The Winking Macaron

90, Mosque Rd, Opposite KFC, Pulikeshi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560005

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