Wok Wok in my box!

Apologies my yum tums for being away for a while. It’s just that I have had a lot happening with me lately and did not find the time to sit down and write.But now that I’m all settled and back in Bombay after three months, I had to visit this little Chinese place after hearing such fabulous reviews from my friends.

So here I am gobbling away at Wok Express.

Chinese food has always been my best friend. I can eat it for every meal and will never get tired of it. Sometimes I feel that they add some special ingredient to it as it always makes me want more. I often wonder how this place survives with its tough competitor – 5 Spice just right beside it but I’m guessing it does have a charm of it’s own that makes it stand out!

It was a surprisingly, pleasant evening and I decided to have an early dinner. Neither of us could eat too much so we shared.

What really got me excited was their whole concept of making your own wok. It’s become such a hit everywhere you go! And it was to my advantage as I love anything that is customized. I feel it’s more personal and something I can relate to more. Making my own wok meant that it had all my favourites in it so I was one happy gastronome.

The décor is funky and creates a lovely ambiance especially if you’re hanging out with a couple of mad-hatter friends. It consists of bar stools and long wooden tables with black walls in the background. It also gives it that whole retro feel.

It is self-service and the most fun part is that you get to watch the guy make your wok.

You get to choose your own base (steamed rice/ udon noodles/ flat wheat noodles/ ramen noodles) , meat (chicken/fish/prawn) ,veggies( leeks/ button mushrooms/spring onion/ baby cabbage/ baby corn/ carrot/ broccoli/ zucchini/ onion/ pak choy/tofu/peppermix/ french beans/ cauliflower) , sauces( black bean/ black pepper/ kung pao/ chilli basil/ ohn khao suey/ oyster sauce/ pumpkin curry/teriyaki/ thai curry/ sambal/ toban) and condiments(fried onions/ crushed peanuts/ burnt garlic/ cliantro)

I went with:

Base- steamed rice

Meat- chicken

Veggies- leeks,mushrooms, baby corn , broccoli, zucchini,tofu

Sauce- teriyaki

Condiments- fried onions, crushed peanuts, burnt garlic

I really enjoyed the combination of flavours in my mouth and each flavour was so distinct. I could get the strong sweetness from the sauce and it was well balanced with the toppings and other elements.

What I was most pleased was the fact that it was overloaded with biog chunks of chicken pieces. It was definitely worth it!

The boxes that they come in are simply adorable and the guys will also redo it for you in case you are not happy with what has been served.

Next on my list was the Har gau(prawn) dumplings. I have always been a huge fan of dimsums be it any kind. I also find them a much healthier option at least when you’re eating out but sadly these did not live up to my expectations. They had a glossy casing covering a jumbo prawn and sat looking so dainty.They were light and fresh but I wouldn’t vouch for these. It was a real disappointment because they are my favourite kind any day!

To end it, was a fortune cookie that spoke about the future of my life.

Wok Express is a casual, chilled out place that you could try when you’re bored of the usual home food or just want an outing. It’s not the next Yauatcha or China Gate so don’t go expecting anything fancy.

At the moment, they offer a very limited menu but will keep updating it.

Now comes the most important question:

Would I go there again? Not so sure… maybe just for the woks actually!


Wok Express

Shop No. 1 & 2, Dheeraj Swapna Building, Near Pali Bhavan, Pali Naka, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

(The author dined anonymously and paid for her own meal)

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